Weird dating trends

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”), teasing you with the fact that they’re still thinking about you but not making any effort whatsoever toward a real life date or relationship.

Note to prospective partners: The only time breadcrumbs should be involved is if you’re wandering into the woods toward a house made of candy or about to make some fried chicken tenders for dinner.

Otherwise, save your carbs for something worthwhile. Conscious Uncoupling: When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced they were divorcing, they chose to describe it as a “conscious uncoupling” (the term was coined by a psychotherapist prior to that).

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Here are 15 most shocking and weird traditions from across the world, which will blow your mind away.

In the Vatican of Roman burial grounds, graves contain pipes that led to the outside of the Graveyard.

With the moving time, we leave a few traditions behind, but we do keep following many traditions and will keep doing so.

Every society has their own traditions and are very peculiar about them as they are mostly associated with past generations, or religion.

The landscape of technology is constantly changing, which means so are many aspects of our lives. Before dating sites came along in the mid-1990s, most people were meeting their partners through friends, work, or classified ads in the newspaper.

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