Western women dating in south korea dr phil on dating

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Interracial relationships are a sensitive issue in many countries, but particularly so in South Korea.

Such romances offer a window into the society, for they touch some of the most sensitive nerves in the Korean psyche -- relating to national identity, to attitudes toward foreigners and to ideals about the purity of women.'' I'd like to settle down with my girlfriend, and I wonder if her family would ever accept me,'' mused Frank A.

Many foreigners are not prepared for the level of ‘possessiveness’ that can occur.

Minor example: One young Canadian told me that he kept breaking off with various Korean g/fs because they called him dozens of times daily - including while he was working - and did not understand that he found this annoying.

They warned her that any romance with a foreigner would not only ruin her own marriage prospects but would also make it more difficult for her brother and sister to marry.'' If I have a foreign boyfriend, then it's kind of a bad point on our whole family,'' the woman noted -- speaking in Mr. Although she lied to her parents, insisting that she had no foreign boyfriend, she has continued the romance, in great secrecy.'' Sometimes I just wish that Frank were Korean,'' she sighed.

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