Busty adult dateing co uk - What is your age range for dating

by  |  27-Aug-2019 14:45

what is your age range for dating-46

Women ages 30-34 would date men 29-42 while women ages 35-40 would date 33-49 ½. That or in our desperation as we age we’ll date just about anything.

*sigh*Then again maybe it’s a GOOD THING that older men are into younger women since it seems pretty clear, from my small study, that we enjoy older men.

We don’t get older and suddenly start desiring fresh meat…nope.

The largest gaps in acceptable ages was the 13 year age different of women in their 30s. Men like younger women and women realize that men mature with age and that we’re saving us a bit of trouble if we aim older.

Things still aren’t perfect but the ranges seem more reasonable.

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