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So, hopefully, your friends can help you process all of your evidence, and try to figure out if you are really being cheated on or not.

If your suspicions are true, then at least you have your friends who know the story, and they can be there for you when worse comes to worst.

Perhaps the ex was cheated on by your partner at one point in time.

Forget logic and forget reason, because your instincts have the power to see right through your partner’s excuses.

So when your gut tells you that there may be trouble in paradise, what should you do?

How to deal with a partner who might be cheating Instead of just pushing the thought out of your head, here’s what you should do when you feel like your partner might be unfaithful.

#1 Force yourself to accept the possibility that your partner may be cheating on you.

It’s unlikely that his or her friends will give you any information directly, because they probably won’t want to get involved in the situation.

What to do in dating

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