When did gretchen and slade start dating

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“And so it took a good year and a half for me to even be able to talk about it again.” Smiley agreed to have his vasectomy reversed.“It’s a very tricky surgery when they do a [vasectomy] reversal,” he said to People.

Tune into the Doctors today to see the whole procedure and to get the latest update of our journey along side our doctor @drmarksurrey and @scrcivf ________________________________________________________Check your local listings & times at it is syndicated it airs at different times and networks in your areas) #IVFJourney #IVF #ourjourney A post shared by Gretchen Christine Rossi (@gretchenrossi) on Like for many couples, Rossi and Smiley weren’t able to conceive immediately through IVF.

Approximately six hours before the embryo transfer, the doctor called and told Rossi they all died. I couldn’t even get out of bed because you just go from such a high thinking within the next 24 hours you were going to be pregnant to losing everything and losing 14 embryos.

So how is the future mama adjusting to life with a baby on board?

The bizarre food cravings are in full swing, as she tells E!

“We’ve also got family members who are prepping gender-reveal events and parties, so we’ve agreed to not take that joy from them and we’re excited to see what they put together.

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