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The Women's Tennis Association currently classifies the Indian Wells tournament as a Premier Mandatory event for all eligible players.

Exceptions are made when players engage in tournament promotions, but Venus and Serena both declined to promote the tournament; WTA Tour CEO Larry Scott agreed he would not, promotionally, "put them in a position that is going to be awkward," and tournament director Charlie Pasarell has stated he would accept the WTA tour's ruling.

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SR=strike rate (events won/competed) Note: Serena Williams did not play at the 2004 Olympics because of injury.

Venus partnered with American Chanda Rubin and lost in the first-round to eventual gold-medalists Sun Tiantian and Li Ting.

“When I date someone I never see color,” Serena said, “I date who I have chemistry with, but I must say Alexis has treated me better than any Black man I have dated.” Putting a statement out like this makes black men look real bad, I don’t think that was her intention. Maybe she just hasn’t dated the right black man yet.

Even if she truly feels this way, I wish she would have kept this private and not made this a public statement.

Ohanian happens to be white and many are wondering why Serena chose to marry a white man after dating so many Black men.

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