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Having worked in the movie Run 2013, William is dating his costar Kelsey Chow.

The couple though have not revealed their exact meeting date, but there seems to be a likely chance for them to meet in the sets of Run.

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Caption: Alexa Hamilton rumored girlfriend of William Moseley (2008-2010).

Similarly, in the year 2010, William was paired with the Mexican actress Antonia Ortega.

Though the couple was spotted together, no further revelation got made as in the year 2012 the relationship is said to have fallen apart while Antonia is currently reported to be possibly single.

Caption: Antonia Ortega and William enjoying clubbing together (2011).

Her first starring role on American television was in her late teens, as Sandy Martinson in The Invisible Woman, an unsold television pilot broadcast over NBC as a Sunday night telefilm in 1983.

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