Who is amy lee dating

by  |  13-Jun-2019 12:18

I need to step away and not feel like a–” she hesitates before saying the next word – “a ‘rockstar’ any more.

“Arranging the songs like this takes them home for me, on an emotional level.

I’d be lying if I said guitars weren’t a big part of the origins of Evanescence, but it’s also like – what if we went fully into that side of our music, just for a moment?

It quickly becomes apparent that she has a tendency to inject humour and gloss over some of the more personal aspects of her life, serving as another reminder that we’re talking to someone who at one time was a bona fide megastar, thrust into the limelight at 21.

When she gets serious is when talking about her music, explaining the need for her latest break: “To make something you really mean, for me, means I have to go live my life for a while, figure out who I am again and have some experiences I need to get off my chest.

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