Who is andrea casiraghi dating

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He is named after his maternal great-grandfather, Prince Pierre, Duke of Valentinois, his maternal grandfather, Prince Rainier III, and his father.

It was said that Rainier adored the Casiraghi children, doting on them and spoiling them. She married Prince Ernst August of Hanover, and they have a daughter (a half-sister to the Casiraghi kids) and there are tons of rumors that Ernst and Caroline barely have a marriage at this point, and Ernst flagrantly flaunts his mistresses in public. There’s some evidence that Caroline has been plotting on her eldest son’s behalf, dropping the odd quote here and there to journalists, letting it be known that if her brother, Albert (the current ruler of Monaco) does not provide an heir, Andrea will be perfectly willing to take the crown.

I thought for a time that Albert thought of Andrea as his heir as well – Albert is allegedly close to Caroline’s children.

No huge breakups, no violent club dramas, nothing like that, although I’m sure some Monaco gossips should be here shortly to tell me how wrong I am. At best, Andrea is making some interesting moves, and it will be fascinating to see if this jumpstarts Albert and Charlene’s babymaking plans. A spawn of Albert, or will the throne eventually pass to Andrea and his half-Colombian heirs?

Leo La Colle, Monaco Charlotte started her education at the Les Dames de Saint Maur but left at the age of six and instead got admission at the École de la République.

His uncle Marco remains in the position of President over Engeco.

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