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Not much detailed information can be found about her academic progression in the celebrity buzz niche, but from the information we lifted from her Linked In profile, she included that she went to Ohio State University where she obtained a Bachelor of Art in African America and African Studies from 2002-2005.

She has been the president of Young, Fit and Fly from 2010 to present, an organization set to empower young women to push beyond social norms and negative peer pressure and take responsibility for their health, self-image and overall wellness.

Allegedly the gospel rapper is rumored to be married with at least 2 children. Remember when she said she was married to her daughter's father, record producer Robert "Big Bert" Smith? But the lie spawned a reality TV series, , that was cancelled when rumors swirled that she wasn't really married.

We shouldn't be shocked if Brandy is indeed pregnant by a married man. When daughter Sy'rai Iman Smith was 2 years old, Brandy finally came clean and admitted she wasn't married. Continue to use me so that I may continue to know the joy of being used by you.

Brandi Harvey’s marital status has been the keyword of many web searches.

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