Who is colby o donis dating

by  |  17-Oct-2019 08:55

Interscope asked Colby to sing on Gaga's track since she was a nobody and needed some traction. I believe Shelly Rio is the model in the Colby O'Donis video but not 100% sure. Rio/Wrong its Sherylynn Summer (Asian) And Anna Rincon (Latina) Colby O'donis is very much single..was in a relationship not to long ago...

You know because budgets for outfits made of meat outweigh true talent.

Although planned for a release date in early , the album is still pending.

The show documented her life as a young, single, autonomous woman; moreover, it served as a means of stopgap entertainment while Brooke readied her second album, The Redemption.

The resulting hype helped pave the way for Undiscovered's arrival in late October.

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