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Marley had a long affair with Cindy Breakspeare, who was miss universe at one point. Cindy breakspere,former miss Jamaica, jamaican born,beautiful woman.

started of bein his lodger, then girlfriend,thank god cause her son damian is a blessing, very talented boy. Buju Banton has collaborated with Stephen and Damian Marley on a song called Traffic Jam.

) Though it seem like she live outside mi bugle shop Cause she don't have nuh scratches only beauty spot When one duty start is when one duty stop One nine to five one five to twelve o clock, yuh see mi (WOO!

Got a Brown and Marley combination here y'all, feel it The revolution will be televised feel me, come on1: Damian "Jr. And me and she we trampooz alot, several mornings she shampoos my locks Always have my back she stands true to that Real type of lovin thank you for that Yo run barefoot without my shoes and socks Cause she keep herself clean mi nah go catch nuh rash And she love mi fi real mi nah fi have nuh cash And any likkle ting and from mi splish yuh splash Yo all this blingin is like you forgot Use cheddar rise the bait then you recruit a rat So we listen couple speech a Martin Luther chat Dennis Brown, Bob Marley and some Super Cat (Super Cat! )Bobby Brown Beautiful, here we go again my love, you know I will never let you go, my love, beautiful, here we go 2: Damian "Jr.

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