Who is danielle guizio dating

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Creating something that isn't even on the market yet gets me even more excited.

I then went straight to the drawing board and began researching through endless archival files I have of 70s, 80s, and 90s bikini fits and silhouettes.

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Related | Only Slashed By Tia Can Serve You Slutty Elegance From finding customers in Lady Gaga to Halsey (the aforementioned artist who recruited the designer to create a slew of custom looks for her world tour), to Hailey Baldwin, New Jersey-native Guizio describes the Internet as the "golden tool" that propelled her career from its roots in retail to that of a bonafide streetwear super-creative at a lightening rate.

Danielle Guizio is not only one to watch—but to follow, save and stay stalking.

With each Like and Follow comes a slew of direct messages from rising stars wishing to keep up, and Danielle Guizio is one of the many to profit from the platform's prevalence—growing her line in the four years since its inception to become a go-to for It-girls around the world.

And its easy to see why; reworking retro silhouettes and marrying sports and formalwear with a DIY, deconstructed aesthetic (coupled with a talent for alluding to its wearer's physique without overly-exposing), Guizio is the apparel-equivalent of good sex..sex sells.

Tell me about that style in particular, and your general creative process.

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