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A music insider confessed to Dish Nation, “Rihanna is putting the moves on Em.

She laid the groundwork by starting a flirtation with Em back in mid-November, when she went to his home town of Detroit to film “The Monster” music video.” “Her work was done in two days but Rihanna decided to stay longer to spend quality time with Em.

He also worked with Prada, Gucci and Versace in Spain – When I look back on my life I realize how lucky I am to have discovered every place where I wanted to be and how amazing the people around me are.

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Word on the street is Jameel is worth a tidy amount of money—according to , the family is the 12th richest Arab family in the world and is worth $1.5 billion USD.

According to Wikipedia, Jameel was born on October 22, 1988 which would make him 30 years old. Jameel was rumoured to have dated legendary model Naomi Campbell in 2016.

It basically means that he’s the type of guy who probably doesn’t have time for cities like Warrington!

According to his Linked In, Alain studied marketing at the University of Catalunya (in Barcelona) from 2014-2018 and now works in retail sales at Chanel in London.

Things have heated up since the two have been rehearsing together in Detroit and Los Angeles over the past month.

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