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At a lot of those events, The Rock's girlfriend Lauren Hashian has been by his side.

who is dwayne the rock johnson dating in 2016-22

He said, "First of all, she teases me about everything.

Everything." The actor added, "Nothing is off limits in our house. And I tease her with everything."The two are in sync with their humor and their plans for their family.

They intended to get married in 2018, but Hashian became pregnant with their second child.

During a joint interview with in April 2018, the couple discussed their initial intention to get married in Hawaii that year. He remarked, "And Mama don’t wanna take wedding pictures with a big belly – Mama wanna look ." That's understandable.

I ain’t gonna be able to hold ‘em like this forever, so you better believe I snatch these cookies and love ‘em up every moment I can.

Who is dwayne the rock johnson dating in 2016

The movie was made with a budget of only 24 million dollars.…
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