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Kaelin's cross-examination, pushed and pulled and prodded the Simpsons' former house guest to say what each wanted. Simpson had expressed outrage over the tight dress Mrs.

Simpson had been upset by his former wife's effort to limit his access to their daughter at a dance recital, and that Mr.

Trading him for no one in particular, just for the sake of trading him and appeasing Kato Kaelin, would be a terrible decision.

Kato Kaelin’s beloved Brewers have played poorly of late and appear in serious risk of losing their hold on the NL Central to the hard-charging Cubs.

Shapiro had suggested that the bag, which prosecutors say has never been seen since, was filled with golf balls. Clark offered, more explicitly than before, an alternative explanation."Now, that knapsack, was it big enough to hold a knife? "Was that knapsack big enough to hold bloody clothing and shoes?

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