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(Check out his SHAMblog) He wrote: This past June 7 (2008), 53-year-old David Bassett walked onto a California beach and ended his life with a shotgun.This took place not far from the home he shared with his wife, Lucinda.

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If the names sound vaguely familiar, it’s because David and Lucinda Bassett were principals in the Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety.

Not a few of those who left their thoughts were refugees from the Center’s in-house discussion forum, where their critical remarks had been expunged or edited; a few claimed to have been banned altogether.

At some point, I dumped the tapes in a box in my trunk, forgot about them and moved on.

I found more lasting tools to manage my OCD and the resulting fear, anxiety and depression, and that was the end of it.

Safeguarding your children against sexual predators is not easy.

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