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However, things only started to get worse from that period of time.This is what she had to say about the hood she lived in: The relation of Kim and Eminem had no shortage of love filled with animosity. In 1999, one of Eminem’s closest friend rapper Proof told to Rolling Stone which sums up the obscure complicated relationship of the couple. But there’s always gonna be conflict there.” This is the love that brought the rage and persona – Slim Shady that we all fanboys know.For those who don’t know Hailie, she is the little girl of Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem.

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The two were high school sweethearts, marrying first in 1999, divorcing in 2001, then re-marrying and divorcing in 2006. It was an interesting time for me." Obviously, being one of the most successful rappers of all-time doesn't make dating after divorce any easier.

​ Apparently in the 11 years since their most recent divorce was finalized, the rapper has been playing the field, but not to much success. (Maybe he's making one of these 7 common mistakes on his dating profile.) But it doesn't seem to bother Eminem that much.

But it’s her daughter that made everyone go crazy about her.

She had been in a tumultuous on and off again relationship with the Eminem as well as the Law.

Her stepfather was reported to be an abusive alcoholic which resulted in Kim’s running away from her house.

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