Who is mika penniman dating

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In 2007 she joined MSNBC as an occasional anchor, and was subsequently chosen as co-host of Morning Joe, alongside Joe Scarborough.

She and Scarborough were married on November 24, 2018, with Rep. Her main political interest is in wage equality for women.

Similarly, on July 7, 2010, she objected on-air to pressure to report on Lindsay Lohan and Levi Johnston.

Eventually, Geist and Pat Buchanan reported the stories with the caption, then popularized, "News You Can't Use".

She then tore up the script, and one hour later, got up and ran another copy of the script through a paper shredder retrieved from Dan Abrams's office.

The incident was quickly popularized on the Internet, and in the days that followed, Brzezinski received large quantities of fan mail supporting her on-air protest as a commentary on the tension between "hard news" and "entertainment news".

She is also the author of three books; two on her career as a journalist and one on food addiction. Her mother, of Czech descent, is a grandniece of Czechoslovakia's former president Edvard BeneŇ°.

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