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, Orion Pictures President John Hegeman said that the project already promises similar sensibilities as Pegg and Frost's Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy."We are unbelievably excited to be partnering with Simon, Nick, and Miles on 'Svalta'.

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Meanwhile, Ketley added that the partnership with Orion on this project is the perfect means to bring Frost's vision to life.

"Orion is the perfect home for the horrifying vision that Nick has conjured up from his maverick brain.

The quicker we hit our target the sooner I stop pestering you, so dig deep and donate what you can.

I know it’s boring to keep asking but it’s important!

Pegg and Jessica Hynes wrote a role for Frost in the cult slacker comedy series Spaced that was partly based on Pegg and Frost's lifestyle at the time.

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