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In the first season, a lot of the reviews and comments used the hashtag #blacklove.If you’re not a person of color and if you don’t see the world through our eyes, you might write something and just think well, “Hey, I’m writing the framework for the relationships that I grew up seeing.We’ve got Isaiah Whitlock from [and] Vanessa Bell Calloway.

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EBONY.com: The third season of was a whirlwind for Reggie especially when his father reentered his life.

Did you discuss his backstory with creator Mike O’Malley before that shocking diner scene? During the first season, we bombarded him with questions about our characters.

I do believe it’s coming soon, sooner rather than later, but it’s all about persistence in this game and nobody knows that better than me; my goodness (laughing) I’ve been around way too long.

You can keep up with Ron Reaco Lee on Twitter & Instagram @doublerlee.

, Lee has gone on to star in dozens of films and television series.

Who is ronreaco lee dating

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