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No, we're meant to take seriously that Nancy Pelosi, who's manhandled Trump in nearly every political and rhetorical battle, is losing it.If that feels a little sexist, it's likely meant to. HLN is expected to show taped programming in her place during its 5 p.m. Cupp’s “Unfiltered” provides the AT&T-owned cable-news network with a right-of-center voice at a time when the White House has cast it as an antagonist.

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Cupp also will continue her role as CNN political commentator and contributor.

Her previous writing credits include Why You're Wrong About the Right with Brett Joshpe and her work has appeared at Fox News, Human Events, The Washington Post and others.

Cupp said that political correctness has resulted in a major backlash and she plans to “dismantle” examples on a regular basis with her new platform because many political and media figures seem to have “forgotten” what Andy Levy, who is the former co-host of Fox News’ “Red Eye,” will join Cupp as a senior producer and panelist with regular appearances on “Unfiltered.” Despite Levy’s involvement, Cupp doesn’t expect the show to feel like an HLN version of “Red Eye.” Cupp and Levy are longtime friends who have wanted to join forces for a “really long time,” but she said the aim of “Unfiltered” is to look and feel completely different from anything currently on cable news.

“We’re really trying to do something that doesn’t look like cable news at all.

Even the President's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has gotten in on the pathetic attack, also tweeting an altered Pelosi video before deleting it.

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