Who is siddharth mallya dating

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I used to clarify about these news pieces and everyone would understand that eventually there was no truth in it all.

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Well, things didn't turn out well for the couple, and unfortunately Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya ended their relationship in 2011, and moved on with their respective lives.

However, after the star, Deepika Padukone bagged the title of 'Filmfare Best Actress 2015', a delightful Siddharth Mallya was quoted as saying, "I am very proud of her and I am very happy for her.

At the time Deepika seemed annoyed with all the buzz but what will she have to say this time? There is absolutely nothing for my parents as well to react at all. All they want now is to read about the work that I am doing and this is what they expect from people as well.

Of course initially it used to bother them as well me.

Hottie Freida Pinto celebrated her 30th birthday on October 18 in style.

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