Who is trey smith dating

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Jaden Smith is not only known as the son of renowned actor Will Smith, there are other lesser-known facts about the versatile actor.

The quest to unfold these seemingly hidden facts have led to several speculations about the actor including rumors on his sexuality.

For a celebrity as prominent as Jaden Smith, death hoaxes are expected.

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For his role in ‘Karate Kid’, reports had it that the actor was paid a whopping $1 million based on his contract.

He was said to have received up to $3 million for his role in the sequel of the movie.

Two years later, he released ‘Cool Tape Vol 2’, a sequel to the first mixtape.

The actor and musician also collaborated with Justin Bieber in the track ‘Never Say Never’ which was also used in ‘Karate Kid’.

According to their parents, they ensure their kids live a normal life like every other ordinary kid despite their fame.

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