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He was the crazy-eyed fringe of the Shield and you were a high energy new Diva at the time.

You’d always been friendly with one another, leaving open friendship to find a familiar face in the crowd at catering. You, he and Roman would drive together to hotels and you found that you had a soft spot for Dean Ambrose.

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“Mmm, you’re warm,” his grip on your waist tightened just as a car horn honked. ” Roman yelled from the driver’s seat, quickly opening the door and moving to get your bags to put in the trunk. You noticed two newer wrestlers coming out of the arena door and took the opportunity to peck Dean’s lips before sliding in. “Ya’ll are weird,” Roman announced and slammed the trunk door.

He shrugged and closed the door happily behind you, turning and noticing Roman staring at him.

He tried to teach John Cena to embrace the hate, he made out with AJ and he somehow became a tag team champion.

Love it or hate it, Kane should be respected for being able to spice up his character this late in his career.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction **Characters** | Dean Ambrose | | Roman reigns | | Cm Punk | | Daniel Bryan | | Seth Rollins | | Randy Orton | | Dolf Ziggler | | Finn bálor | And some more WWE FANDOM RATED M FOR MATURE™ Prompt: The new women on the roster won’t leave Dean alone, so while waiting for Roman to pick the two of you up, he asks for a favor. ” you asked him, placing your bag down at your feet as you gawked at your co-worker.

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