Who was jim jones dating before chrissy

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Being that you’re with someone like Jim–on a higher level than the average Joe– do you feel you have to accept infidelity as a part of your relationship? Is that something that I want to deal with, absolutely not. The most recent of which, was the drama surrounding Mama Jones' diss track for Chrissy, called "Psychotic." “When you guys see Jim walk outside, he’s calling me and he’s going .

According to Mama Jones, she claims she wanted to wait until their final sit down to talk about this devastating news but she couldn’t take the way Chrissy was acting towards her, whatever that means. Chrissy says in her interview, “me and Mama Jones will never be able to mend our relationship.” Mama Jones confronts them both as they were packing to get the f$ck out, Chrissy tells her she can’t trust her anymore.

So because Chrissy wasn’t acting the way she wanted her to act, she spills some tea to Rene? Mama Jones tells Rene, “I can’t wait for them to actually come around and speak because I see very strongly how y’all are taking poor Chrissy as victim. Jim finally speaks up and tells his mom that she has crossed the line.

I have always liked Chrissy, I admired her strength, her ability to say what’s on her mind and she never allowed Jim to disrespect her, in fact I love them as a couple.

Now, with that being said, Chrissy is no angel but she has to respect her man’s mother even if she doesn’t want to especially if she expects their relationship to grow and thrive.

Remember, in order to be a victim like that, you have to do something. When I flew out here, I run into Chrissy’s best friend. But, what’s weird about this situation, Chrissy never denied the allegations, if you watch the clip she does say to Jim that his mom brought up, “that situation,” to Rene but that’s all we get.

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