Willamette week and portland and dating

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It wouldn’t have taken us even eight months to get married if there hadn’t been a several week communication hitch after I wrote my first letter to Laurel.The two and a half page single-spaced description of my marvelous qualities (I could have gone on for quite a bit longer, but wanted to project at least a veneer of humility) piqued Laurel’s interest. ” “That’s all right; I’ll call back.” Experienced in the perils and pitfalls of dating, Laurel thought that Celeste might be my wife.

Last year I wrote about how we got married just eight months after we met.

I broke, no I , the ridiculous relationship rule that you hear repeated so often: “When you get divorced, don’t make any serious personal decisions for at least a year.” That may be good advice for some people. When you know that someone is right for you, why wait to make a commitment?

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