Women confused dating

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It’s not an easy one, but it’s the one that gives you and him the best chance for making it.

Because I do think you have a chance.(Oh, and if you two get this thing back together later, I’ve got some great tips later in the Forever Yours Program about how to pace things so that you can keep him completely adoring you, and never even think about straying again.)Please let me know what happens down the road… And I’m also rooting for the possible future you two could have.

If you’re not the smooth operator that has the perfect pompador hair, guitar skills, style and money to boot, she might feel uncertain if she’s not focusing on the right things. Which in a really ambiguous way is actually asking someone to stay on the hook because they might have a shot later down the road. Some women love the psychological breath of fresh air when they are invited to share, in safe circumstances, what they’re actually feeling and thinking. But I have experienced this making a girl feel like she’s put on the spot (she is). If talking about it isn’t resolving things, she probably doesn’t like you bro. Give her time to figure it out and keep the communication open while not letting things grow cold by becoming distant or passive.

If a girl is confusing you by telling you you’re great and likable but not really acting consistent about her feeling towards you, you probably either pissed her off or she might be trying to back out. And under pressure, because they may not have the correct relationship tools to resolve a conflict, they tell you want you want to hear to end the pressure (they’d probably describe it as “awkwardness”). If you’re reading mixed signals, be a man and keep it simple.

I do have a weird issue that I would love your opinion on because I what to do.

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