Wpf combobox not updating when source updates

by  |  19-Jul-2019 10:38

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wpf combobox not updating when source updates-22

Filter = methodname, in the Current Changed eventhandler of the Collection View. Do i need to use a Obeservable Collection instead of Collection View?

It runs the filter method allright but the View wont update even with my Collection View. I really liked Collection View approach so would be nice i could stick to that.

The combo Box Dropdown just updates the first time it is opened and doesn't update after that.

So if I edit the First Name in the textbox and click the dropdown and then edit it some more and click the dropdown again, we end up with 3 different 'Full Name' values being displayed for the Selected Person.

Items (which means it must be in your Columns collection). You would need to either return the same object, or override the Equals method (and potentially the == and ! If this is your issue, it's the same problem as in this question.

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