Wsus not updating itself

by  |  13-Oct-2019 14:35

The update will be installed by default on Windows Server 2016 releases.

wsus not updating itself-7

You’ll notice here that, well there’s not much to look at in our list of all updates and that’s in part because the initial filter that WSUS puts on those updates is to give you only those that are unapproved, where the status is failed or needed.

Obviously you’ve not approved any updates, so you should be seeing a long list of them.

But because we don’t have any clients that are currently talking to the server, none of the unapproved updates are actually classified as those that are needed by any of the clients. So the way in which we can see them all is to actually change the status from failed or needed to any.

To give us a look at the entire, in this case 275 available updates that exist.

If you do, settings inheritance is active so that updates deployed to a parent group automatically also deploy to a child group.

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