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From a compliance perspective and, more importantly, from a safety perspective, use current and appropriate charts.

Interacting With The Inspector During the course of the ramp check, you can also take the initiative and ask the inspector questions.

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To avoid the insurance coverage issue, if you must bring your logbook with you I suggest you keep a photocopy ofyour logbook at home or in some other safe place.

Second, if you have your logbook with you and the inspector asks to review it, you will have to provide the entire logbook.

Make sure the charts you have in the aircraft or your flight bag are current and appropriate to your flight.

This seems like a “no−brainer”, but you would be surprised how many pilots are flying with sectional charts that are several years old or instrument approach plates that are more than 56 days old.

Additional aircraft documents that are fair game during a ramp check include the operator/flight manual, or operating limitations if the aircraft is a homebuilt aircraft, and the aircraft’s weight and balance information.

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