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You can choose from a dinner cruise with a luxurious meal or join a tasty pizza cruise.

Or, if you already had dinner and are looking for a dashing way to conclude your date night, you can go for dessert by going on a Dutch cheese and wine cruise or by drinking a cocktail while sailing through Amsterdam in all its glory.

Renting a pedal boat in Amsterdam is the ideal date.

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And if you don’t mind being on thin ice, a date at a ice skating rink might be perfect for you!

At the start of the festive season, the ice rinks pop up everywhere.

So wear your smartest cable sweater and go ice skating at Ice Village at Museumplein.

You can also go for a more classical ice skating rink, like the Jaap Eden IJsbaan.

You did it: that one special person said ‘yes’ and you two are going on a date!

Www dating fun nl

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Throw in a classic hairpin chair and vases filled with leafy greens for added dimension.…
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