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You want to see how that man you’re with treats people, how that man treats you. It’s a balance thing, because so many people love the idea of falling in love, and that is because it is a high to fall in love.

I moved to Montreal when I first started learning about Pua, Game, Seduction and self-improvement.

In order to overcome my crippling shyness, I went out seven nights and days a week, practicing cold approach in bars, cafe’s, streets and malls throughout Montreal.

Mont Royal Metro station spills into the trendy fashion district of Mont-Royal.

It’s going to take the pressure off of having to make a decision. As they sleep with a man over and over again, that oxytocin high, that chemical high, keeps happening. But the bonding is the beginning of love, and that is why that chemical is released, so that you can feel close to someone.

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