X x x n u d e

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In the C programming language, "x" preceded by zero (as in 0x or 0X) is used to denote hexadecimal literal values.

X x x n u d e-67X x x n u d e-41X x x n u d e-62

On some identification documents, the letter X represents a non-binary gender, where F means female and M means male.

In the Cartesian coordinate system, x is used to refer to the horizontal axis.

fax), except in loan words such as faux (see French, below).

There are very few English words that start with ⟨x⟩ (the fewest of any letter).

If $\displaystyle \int x^x \, dx=F(x)$ then $\displaystyle F'(x)=x^x$ First we need to find asymptotic evaluation of the integral.

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