Yokosuka dating woman dating man as old as her son

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And most of her customers are American sailors, she said.

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Yokosuka dating

“The first concern continues to be the sex exploitation industry overseas in and near our areas of operations,” Mc Ginn said.

On the supply side, massagy girls aren’t supposed to go “all the way,” but some do.

And because participating in sex for money is illegal for U. servicemembers under military law, sailors Stars and Stripes spoke to in the Honch also declined to give their names.

“Doing a massagy” is almost a rite of passage for male sailors when they get to Yokosuka, one USS Kitty Hawk sailor said. Some get addicted and blow their paychecks here.” It has been a year since the Pentagon changed military law to make “patronizing a prostitute” a specific offense.

She works there because there are no other jobs for her in Japan, she said.

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