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We invite you to take a moment to upload a new image that represents you in the community!Hi Elizabeth, I would like to address that first question in your post title: "When you leave your students in the hands of a substitute teacher, what advice to you have?

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When I tell the sub to sit the students in alphabetical order, so that they can be identified and held accountable more easily, I expect that she will do this and I will receive the names of those who misbehaved or were helpful and productive.

With only 200 minutes of instruction per week, class time is very precious.

" I think most schools require teachers to have sub plans that include class lists, seating charts, behavior/class rules and procedures, emergency information, and special needs information.

I also made sure that one of my colleagues would be on hand and would introduce her/himself to my sub at the beginning of the day.

I have seen substitute teachers in our teachers lounge sitting by themselves - I always go over and introduce myself and ask them how their day is going, etc.

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