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(Ex: 10 people, 9 spoons) You know the game spoons? A group sits around a table with a deck of cards, passing the cards and trying to get a set of four.

Whether you are a Youth Pastor, a leader of a small group, or you suddenly need to entertain a group of people, you can never have enough ideas up your sleeve!

So feel free to browse our games by category, or use our advanced search tool below to filter the games by age range, duration and other criteria.

So once you get a set of four you jump up and run to grab a spoon, with lots of people close behind you! Just a warning…we have had some broken finger nails and trampled toes. Pudding Pictionary – What You’ll Need: some pre-made pudding, some cookie sheets and hands ready to get messy! Just like normal pictionary one person in each group will be drawing a picture for the others to guess. Put some pudding on the back of a cookie sheet for each person.

Then they can pick ideas out of a hat or it can be done by theme (ex: disney, sports, foods, etc).

Your 16th birthday is probably something you remember quite well.

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