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A source who spoke to the Sunday Leisure and lives near the house which Ntengo is reported to have been living at said at first they thought it was just Ntengo's look- alike."We were not sure if it was really her when we first spotted her.

The state controlled newspapers in Zimbabwe are reporting that South African pop diva and Platform One lead vocalist Nani Ntengo has supposedly found love in Bulawayo after it emerged that she had been in Bulawayo living in a single room for over a month with her "man", in Pumula North, Sunday Leisure exclusively revealed.

Ntengo, who rose to fame in the early 90s with Freddy Gwala's group, Platform One, was spotted several times strolling in the suburb last month.

When asked about Moyo's whereabouts she said he was in Zambia and was not aware when he would be back."I don't know when he will be back, why don't you ask his young brother, he will best furnish you with the information," she said.

The woman who declined to be named said Ntengo could have left the country as she had come to pick up her clothes last Tuesday."I last saw her here on Tuesday when she came to pick up her belongings," she said."Perhaps this could be proof that love conquers all and that no mountain or river can prevent two people from falling in love," said an elderly woman from the neighbourhood.

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